The Strokes To Debut New Music This Summer | Music News

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The Strokes To Debut New Music This Summer | Music News

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After releasing their fifth studio album, Comedown Machine, in 2013, indie rock band, The Strokes, are finally about to release new music this year. Comedown Machine was a commercial success, as it quickly rose to the top 10 spots in music charts all over the world.


Festival organisers for The Governors Music Ball Festival have announced that The Strokes will be debuting music for their sixth studio album this summer during their festival set.


One organiser commented: “This would be their first batch of new tunes in, well, just about a half decade. Kind of a big deal. Also, they’ve played a total of 8 shows in North America in the last decade, so I’d say it’s a pretty big deal any time they hit the stage”.



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