‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Writer To Pen Spider-Man Spin-Off | Film News

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Writer To Pen Spider-Man Spin-Off | Film News


Following news on the new Venom movie last week, Sony is cranking up their plans for a Spider-Man universe (that might not actually contain Spider-Man). Thor: Ragnarok writer, Chris Yost, has been hired to pen the script for a film focusing on Black Cat and Silver Sable, two of the premier spin-off characters in the Spider-Man world.


Black Cat is an acrobatic cat burglar with a complicated romantic history with Spider-Man. She was briefly played by Felicity Jones in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Silver Sable is a vigilante, originally trained by her Nazi-hunter father to capture war criminals.


Yost will rework a script originally written by Westworld creator, Lisa Joy. Alongside Venom, already scheduled for an October 2018 release date, Sony is forging ahead with their universe, which will be reportedly entirely separate from the Spider-Man universe they now share with Marvel.


A superhero universe without it’s major draw on paper sounds like an odd idea but it does allow for tons of fresh story possibilities, and perhaps Sony have stumbled onto a good thing where the focus can be on lesser known characters with the goal to turn them into stars on the same level as Spider-Man.


The studio is actively searching for directors. It will be interesting to see whether they think outside the box when it comes to choosing who’s behind the camera as well.



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