TWICE Tease Upcoming Mini Album ‘Signal’ | Music News – Conversations About Her

TWICE Tease Upcoming Mini Album ‘Signal’ | Music News

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TWICE Tease Upcoming Mini Album ‘Signal’ | Music News


TWICE, currently the hottest girl group in Korea, are gearing up for a May comeback! According to a “time table” teaser that came out a few days ago, we’ll be getting teasers every day up until May 15, which is when the mini album Signal and music video for a title track of the same name will be dropping!



As confirmed by the tracklist that followed the schedule release, “Signal” will lead the mini album as the first and promotional track. “Signal” is the first track the group will be promoting written and produced for them by J.Y. Park, their company’s founder and record executive.


Every day has seen to a new wave of teaser pictures of the group and the individual members, but as the mini album title and concept of the schedule and album preview suggests, there’s something extraterrestrial about TWICE and each member is teasing at the comeback with a “normal” picture and an “ability” picture.





Today’s wave of teasers included the “ability” photos for members Momo, Mina and Tzuyu, and another group shot styled as a poster and titled “Twice Poster A”.



The styling seems to be preppy this time around, with the girls swapping their cheerleading outfits for pleated skirts, layered sweaters and vests, knee high socks and big hair clips. This paired with the supernatural powers the members boast in their teaser pics definitely raises the anticipation for this comeback.


The other members’ teaser pictures can be viewed on their official website, but stay tuned for more teasers to come!



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