Unsound Festival Concerts Canceled After Accusations of Satanism | Music News

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Unsound Festival Concerts Canceled After Accusations of Satanism | Music News



Unsound festival is a Poland-based electronic music festival and is due to start tomorrow (October 11) and runs until October 18. However it has been reported that last minute the festivals organisers have been forced to find alternative venues for concerts scheduled at two churches – St. Catherine’s Church and the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Both churches decided to call off the shows after a letter sent to St. Catherine’s accused the festival’s organizers of promoting Satanism.


Unsound released a statement commenting:


“These accusations, initially made in a letter to St Catherine’s Church, are completely unfounded, unreasonable, and slanderous. We of course categorically deny that Satanism is now or has ever been promoted at our festival. The goal of the Unsound festival has always been bringing artists and audiences together in the promotion of art and culture.”


Unsound sent another statement to pitchfork saying:


“We are sorry that these slanderous and untrue statements have caused such harm and disruption to the festival, especially considering all the work that so many people put into making very special events in beautiful spaces, something Unsound is known for.
I would like to reveal the surprise of who is playing these morning shows, in order to underline just how foolish this situation is:
* John Tilbury – One of the foremost pianists in the world in terms of experimental and improvised music. He is playing with one of Poland’s leading experimental musicians, Robert Piotrowicz, as part of a tour in Poland that is supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute and presented with Bolt Records.
* Raphael Roginski – One of Poland’s most famous jazz and improv guitarists, who is playing the music of John Coltrane, as related to his recent Bolt Records release
* RRose plays James Tenney – The U.S. musician Rrose will play a piece by renowned American composer James Tenney on a 32-inch gong.”


Currently unsound are still looking for alternate venues.



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