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V V – Lazarus | New Music

Conversations About Her

V V – Lazarus | New Music



Today ( September 16), V V, formerly known as V V Brown, released the single “Lazarus” from her forthcoming studio album Glitch, due out on September 25 via YOY Records. “Lazarus” follows the release of the singles “Shift” and “Instincts” which are also taken from her new album and were dropped earlier this year. Glitch is the third album that the Northampton singer will have released and is preceded by 2013’s Samson & Delilah and 2009’s Travelling Like The Light.


The newly shared track is a moody electronic brew of swelling bass, stomping percussion and dreamy, alien atmospheres. V V displays her impressive vocal talents with the ethereal and soaring singing she lays down over the chorus, towing an alluring line somewhere between being soulful and angelic. “Lazarus” is also adorned with alternate incarnations of her voice; warped and glitched vocals are incorporated on other parts of the track and display the quality and vision of the production she has behind her. “Lazarus” gives a tantalizing taste of what looks set to be an exciting new album.


You can pre-order Glitch here and listen to “Lazarus” below.




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