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Wafia – Heartburn | New Music

Conversations About Her

Wafia – Heartburn | New Music



Future Classic, the record label which “throws parties and highly endorse dancing” have caught quite a talent in their net with singer Wafia. Celebrating signing with this prestigious label, Wafia releases track “Heartburn” from her debut EP. This Brisbane bred rising musical star has intricately developed her style since her “Breathe In” days, which featured on Japanese Wallpaper a couple of years ago and has been since building a loyal following with the release of multiple other tracks.


Joining the Future Classic family has it’s perks, as Wafia partners up with electronic connoisseur Ta-ku who has wonderfully produced her latest single. Using his expertise, he offers the singer a downtempo, chillwave backbone for her to then use her beautiful vocals to wash all over it. “Heartburn” will be out this Friday, October 23, and following that, a debut EP entitled XXIX will be released November 20.


Click below to hear Wafia’s debut single:




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