Watch First Look At ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ | Film News

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Watch First Look At ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ | Film News



Production for the newest entry to the Star Wars franchise is well under way, and the announcement is delivered with such finesse that it just rustles up your jimmies.


Episode VII left audiences with a cliffhanger, as Rey and Luke meet for the very first time. The camera spins around them a couple of times while playing the force theme, before cutting out and playing the classic Star wars ending song. The sneak peek adds a little more tension to this scene, taking on a closer look at Lukes aged face and Rey’s seeming uncertainty.


Though details regarding the story is still ambiguous and the sub-title under covers, many implications have suggested that this will be the film in which we learn about Rey’s heritage, as-well as the reason Luke left in the first place.


Star Wars Episode VIII is slated for release on December 2017.




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