Watch First Trailer For ‘Cabin Fever’ Remake | Film Trailer

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Watch First Trailer For ‘Cabin Fever’ Remake | Film Trailer



A new trailer for the Cabin Fever remake has recently hit the internet and… It doesn’t really look too different from the first one. Apparently nothing much will change apart from the director and cast, as the new movie will be using the exact same script as the first one.


The original 2003 film, directed by Eli Roth, was about a group of teenagers who rent a cabin in the woods for their vacation, only to come into contact with a deadly flesh eating virus, after which, horrible and gory chaos ensues. The remake will be directed by Travis Zariwny and star Gage Golightly, Dustin Ingram, Samuel Davis, Matthew Daddario and Nadine Crocker.


The film opens in cinemas on February 12. Here’s a look at the trailer:




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