Watch New Trailer For ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ | Film Trailer

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Watch New Trailer For ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ | Film Trailer



Despite Superhero and Sci-films making up the majority of blockbusters coming this year, the animation department are surely not going to lag behind in producing their masterpiece. The Secret Life of Pets is one such example, coming from the creative minds that brought you Despicable Me and its popular spin-off Minions. This trailer features a preview to the plot of the story, which focuses on the character of Max the dog and his adventure throughout New York City.


The film’s backdrop is quite interesting, as it creates an imaginative take on what our pets might be doing at home while we’re away. It features a stunningly expansive cast of actors and comedians, with the likes of Louis CK playing the role of Max and featuring the talents of Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper, and Steve Coogan.


The Secret Life of Pets is slated for release this Summer 2016.




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