Watch Trailer To CBS’s Upcoming ‘Star Trek’ Television Series | TV Trailer

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Watch Trailer To CBS’s Upcoming ‘Star Trek’ Television Series | TV Trailer



It has been a solid decade since the last Star Trek title hit television sets back in 2005 and though we’ve seen a successful reboot on the big screen, there hasn’t been a lot happening in regards to the platform where the series originated from.


Finally, CBS has announced their successor to Enterprise, which is said to feature a whole new cast of characters as well as a new story. According to reports CBS made a surprising teaser during their Upfronts presentation, CBS president Les Moonves has been quoted as stating “You didn’t think we were going to show you the cast, did you? It’s too early for that!“.


The new show will be run by Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller, and will follow the original continuity that started during the 60’s and will not have a connection with JJ Abrams’ reboot franchise. The show will also be slated to release next year 2017.


So, are you ready to go boldly where no man has gone before?




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