Will.i.am And Ricky Wilson ‘Don’t Like Each Other’ Outside ‘The Voice’ | TV News

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Will.i.am And Ricky Wilson ‘Don’t Like Each Other’ Outside ‘The Voice’ | TV News

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According to multiple reports, The Voice judges Will.i.am and Ricky Wilson are involved in a bitter backstage feud, following months of tension building up between the pair off-camera. The seemingly pally coaches allegedly do not communicate backstage at all; resulting in their chairs being kept far apart in order to avoid their “toxic” dispute continuing.


A source revealed to The Sun that the pair no longer like or respect each other, with Will disliking Ricky’s coaching methods: “Will doesn’t respect Ricky at all as a judge because he thinks he goes for people like him. Will on the other hand, tries to go for different people. He has made it clear that he doesn’t understand why he is on the panel with him. And Ricky has definitely got the message”.


As for Ricky, the insider explained that Will’s poor punctuality makes Ricky furious: “For Ricky’s part, he dislikes Will too, and it drives him mad that he is always late for filming the shows. He thinks it is disrespectful”. Let’s hope they can settle their differences before the current series ends. Catch The Voice this Saturday at 7:15pm on BBC One.



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