WINNER Continues To Tease For ‘Fate Number For’ | Music News

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WINNER Continues To Tease For ‘Fate Number For’ | Music News


WINNER‘s official Instagram account (@winnercity) dropped a video teaser earlier (see below)! The teaser loops a clip of the upcoming album title unfolding and the four members multiplying on a plain background to create a stylish print, before rewinding and looping from the start all over again!


Last week, WINNER announced their first comeback sans Tae-hyun. Their upcoming album, titled Fate Number For, will mark the end of a year-long hiatus after promotions for their last mini album, EXIT:E, which was the first installment of a year-long project that mysteriously never took off.


The teasers uploaded so far emphasize the number four to reflect the meaningfulness of WINNER even after losing a member.


I hope Fate Number For is as well-received by the fandom and public as f(x)’s own 2015 comeback album, 4 Walls, was and that WINNER receives a lot of encouragement and support in their first steps towards redefining themselves as artists and as people!




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