WINNER Release ‘Fate Number For’ Album With Visuals For Two Tracks | Music News

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WINNER Release ‘Fate Number For’ Album With Visuals For Two Tracks | Music News


Guess who’s back? We are WINNER!” is an appropriate introductory statement for Bigbang’s junior group, WINNER. They dropped their single album, Fate Number For, and the music videos for the album’s two tracks not long ago.


WINNER have officially returned to the Korean music scene after losing member, Nam Tae-hyun, last year and the long hiatus afterwards. As the title of the album suggests, this is WINNER’s new beginning as a group of four.


The album’s two tracks, “Really Really” and “Fool”, show the two sides to love.


“Really Really” is a song fitting the tropical house genre, with clear and transparent sounds that perfectly fits the spring ambience settling in and the lyrics confessing love are confident and sincere.



“Fool” alternatively shows the the melancholic side of love with a song of the alternative pop genre. The sweet yet somber vocals of the four members expresses the sadness and desperation of losing love. It’s heartbreaking and comforting all at once.



Both songs are heaven on the ears, but more impressive than the intricate melodies and harmonious instrumentals is the fact that all of the members contributed to the songwriting, composition and arrangement of both tracks. The Korean music industry is increasingly encouraging its artists to produce their own music, but it’s much more common for companies to purchase songs written by other producers instead.


Fate Number For is definitely worth a listen, so be sure to check out the music videos above!



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