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Wretch 32 – Antwi | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Wretch 32 – Antwi | Music Video

Wretch 32


Wretch 32, has released his latest single titled “Antwi”, in dedication of his personal mentor Richard Antwi, who passed away earlier this year. Richard Antwi, an admired music industry lawyer and executive, developed urban artists and helped boost their careers within the UK.


Wretch 32 had Antwi to thank for his own career, as he was signed to his first record deal with Ministry of Sound with Antwi’s support by forging a partnership between the label and his own company, Full and Bless Management and Levels Entertainment. Just days before Antwi’s passing, Wretch 32 was said to be sharing ideas for his third studio album, Growing Over Life, with him and the single is the last song that Wretch played for him.


“Antwi”, which was renamed from its original title with Richard’s last name, is a clear dedication by Wretch 32 to his mentor, displaying the profound affect his death has had on the North-London rapper. The track follows Wretch 32’s thought process, you feel like you are following him in his reflection of not only his musical career but all of the personal emotional struggles he has survived.


There is less focus on the music, Wretch’s bars ring loud and you are not distracted from the message of the song. It is emotional, a raw insight into the rapper’s mourning, “Well if this is just a game, why we dying just to play?” and it is clear Richard Antwi inspired Wretch both in life and death. Watch the video below, and buy the song on iTunes here.




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