Years & Years Debut Album ‘Communion’ Out Now | Music News

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Years & Years Debut Album ‘Communion’ Out Now | Music News


Years and Years have released their new album Communion and have become one of the first artists to release their album on the new Global Release Day. As of today (July 10), new albums and singles are to be released on a Friday in each country around the world. This has been designed to curb piracy. Years & Years are the BBC Sound Of 2015 winners, and their album features hits “King”, which went straight to number one upon its release earlier this year, “Desire” and “Shine”.


Frontman Olly Alexander spoke about the lyrics on the album saying it was a shame that other gay musicians don’t address their sexuality in the same way straight artists do. “It was important for me to get some male pronouns in some of the songs,” he said. “So I did it for ‘Real’ and ‘Memo’, and then one song on the deluxe. It is kind of sad to me that we don’t have gay pop stars singing about men using a male pronoun, but that could change, hopefully“. He also said that all of the songs on Communion are about sex relationships. You can buy the full album now on iTunes.


Communion album tracklist:


‘Take Shelter’
‘Eyes Shut’



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