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Youngr + Endor – Give It Up | New Music

Conversations About Her

Youngr + Endor – Give It Up | New Music


Youngr and Endor have together shared their funk-soul-house single “Give It Up” through Island Records. The song “Give It Up” was originally released in 1969 by Lee Dorsey, and the duo have updated with pure house euphoria.


The collaboration between the two artists is great. Youngr even explains that, “A friend sent me an email saying ‘bootleg this!’ and it was a YouTube link to Lee Dorsey’s original ‘Give It Up’. I instantly loved it, got to work and since then I’ve been playing it in all my sets around the world. This badman Endor turned round a delicious, tasty, groovy house version of it“.


While Endor says, “When Youngr approached me to collab on this I immediately jumped on the idea. We wanted to take this amazing Lee Dorsey sample and transform it into something which would resonate at club while staying true to its soulful roots. It’s been a big one in my sets!


Listen to the new single by Youngr and Endor on Spoify, and get in the groove to “Give It Up”




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