0171 – Possession | New Music


Ambient indie outfit 0171 have been creating euphoric tracks from their home studio in Hackney. The three piece have a progressive flow that builds between a mixture of soft-vocal harmonies, guitars and synthesisers. They create their transcending sound with a similar structure to the recently successful All We Are, allowing their music to peak in a resonating mist.


The band have so far released two tracks, including the hypnotic “Possession”. The track is essentially segmented in two parts. It reaches a blissful conclusion after the half-way addition of drums and moody female vocals. Two thirds of 0171 grew up together on the same road in Hackney and formed a band at the age of 14 before splitting then reforming after university in late 2014. 0171 are performing in the Sebright Arms in London on June 6 if you’re about. In the mean time, put your feet up and listen to “Possession” below.




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