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10 Best Movie And TV Reunions Of 2015 | Film News

Saved By The Bell


As the year draws to an end, what better way to look back on what went on than through reflection. There was so much that went on in the form of entertainment this year. From the departure of Zayn Malik from One Direction, the release of the new Star Wars movie, to the long-awaited comeback from Adele, there were a lot of standout moments – both good and bad. One aspect that surprised pretty much all of us were the reunions of cast members from movies and TV shows we grew up watching and contemporary ones too.


Wayne’s World? Drake and Josh? Saved By The Bell? Reunions are what fans look forward to the most – to acknowledge the fact that their favourite characters not only work together for their careers, but knowing they are friends on the outside too, just makes re-watching a certain show or movie even better. Here’s a look back at some of my favourite reunions from the world of TV and movies.


1. Wayne’s World


Wayne's World


Wayne’s World is a movie that gets me every time, in terms of how funny it is. If there’s ever a movie to turn to that gets you in a better mood, then it’s definitely Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2. You never know what goes on behind the scenes when filming a movie, so to witness a reunion of these two much loved actors is something special. The friendship of Wayne and Garth is definitely an aspect of the movie that is intriguing, especially as they are both similar yet so different.


Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary saw Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) reunite to countdown the Top 10 facts of Saturday Night Live over the years. The anniversary special presented us with some of the guys’ best catchphrases, including ‘Shwing’, they poke fun at Kanye West’s expense with his reaction to not winning ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammys and also with the introduction we know and love “Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, Party Time, Excellent”.


2. Home Alone


Home Alone


Not only is the Home Alone franchise a classic staple in movie history and the festive period (for me, Home Alone and Lost In New York), but whenever this movie hits our screens, there is always a sense of excitement to work my way through the parts of film that I have memorised from the amount of times I have watched it. Not just this, but no matter how many times it is on, I can’t help but watch it.


The McCallister household was certainly overcrowded with children, parents and grandparents running around, through the chaotic home. Certainly one movie where rooting for the bad guys is not on my to-do list, but with the reunion of ‘The Wet Bandits’ Marv (Daniel Stern) and Harry (Joe Pesci), we couldn’t be happier.


3. Back To The Future


Back To The Future


October 21, 2015 saw Marty Mcfly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) take to the Jimmy Kimmel Show upon their arrival to the future. As the movie stated, that was the day they would travel to the future from 1985. Possibly one of my favourite reunions of 2015 and to date so far, making their entrance into the studio, the audience were on hand to give them the much loved standing ovation and whistles.


It’s a shame that we haven’t got to learning how to make flying cars. “So you haven’t invented flying cars?” asks Doc Brown. “Did you achieve peace in the middle east?” To them, the future didn’t seem so good. What better way to remember the future than to take countless selfies with the cast – as Jimmy Kimmel did do! “What is this? Some sort of portable telecommunication device?” exclaimed doc, in regards to a smartphone. I don’t know about you, but 2015 was an alright year, even if we don’t have proper hover boards.


4. Good Burger


Good Burger


Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order please?” From this list, we can positively trust Jimmy Fallon to be on hand for some of the best reunions of 2015. Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell joined Jimmy on Saturday Night Live for this sketch. A throwback to the 90s is what we all need. Jimmy recalls his first memories back to his first job, obviously at Good Burger.


In comes Ed (Kel) who offers some help? Who wants to hear a rap about spicy chicken? We do! Kenan plays Lester Oaks, a construction worker who reoccurs in a number of good burger sketches in the 90s. Seeing both Kenan and kel together again made it worthwhile as this sketch was the first time that the pair had reunited since returning to nickelodeon 20 years ago in 2005 for the 10th anniversary special of All That. Following All That, the movie Good Burger was produced.


5. High School Musical


High School Musical


We’re all in this together (minus Troy and Gabriella)! Following the premiere of Kenny Ortega’s new Disney movie, Descendants, some members of High School Musical attended to show their support. Even though Ashley Tisdale’s character Sharpay Evans was out to get everyone in the movies, there is only love and support for her fellow actors and actresses.


It feels like it was just yesterday that the first High School Musical movie was released – in fact it was 10 years ago and with everyone heading off into different aspects of life in High School Musical: Senior Year, what better way to reminisce than with a reunion; even if some of the members may be missing. Another reunion from the HSM crew saw Vanessa Hudgens throw a Halloween party, with guests Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu.


6. Saved By The Bell


Saved By The Bell


I remember watching this show every morning before I went to school and when I got back. Saved By The Bell was one of my favourites and now as the reruns are on, I am aiming to watch them once more. Jimmy Fallon did it again! He brought the cast of SBTB together for another sketch show. Jimmy made his way to Bayside High, where he met the original members of the show; following a flashback as a member of the high school.


All dressed in their characters outfits, following was Zack Morris who spoke the show’s theme song. A.C.Slater (Mario Lopez) with “what’s up preppies?“, next walks in Elizabeth Berkeley as Jessie Spano who witnesses Slater’s ballet dance and a pregnant Tiffani Theissen as Kelly Kapowski! This was just like an episode of Saved By The Bell to give it another send-off, as well as another throwback.


7. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air


Fresh Prince Of Bel Air


Performing on Dancing with the Stars, Alfonso Ribeiro received a lot of support from the fans of the show and also fans from the family favourite sitcom, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The famous Carlton dance? Well, Alfonso performed that on Dancing With The Stars. Karyn Parson (Hilary), Tatyana Ali (Ashley) and Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey) were there to show their support.


Considering them ‘family’ was what Ribeiro told Us Weekly, on the visit from his co-stars, telling E! News that the chance of a full cast reunion would not happen due to the passing of James Avery (Uncle Phil) last year. Whoever the cast member, bringing back the memories of the show, whether it was Uncle Phil famously throwing Will out of the house, Carlton’s gambling obsession or Hilary’s love for shopping, this is all that matters and we love every person that made Fresh Prince a possibility.


8. Drake And Josh


Drake And Josh


It seems as though Helen and Josh are finally getting along. In the show, cinema manager Helen, played by Yvette Nicole Brown took a strong dislike to Josh, in comparison to his step brother, Drake, even after she gave Josh his gold vest to make him the assistant manager. This mini reunion between these two has made it 100 times better! Josh Peck shared this cute picture on his Instagram, with the caption reading “Helen and Josh finally getting along. Love u @YNB”.


With this, Yvette reposted the same picture on her Instagram account with the caption, “proof that #Helen loves #Josh or at least proof that I do!” Here’s hoping to a full cast reunion in the near future. Drake and Josh will always be a classic and we cannot do without it! With Josh posting hilarious Vine videos and on YouTube, it doesn’t feel as if these guys are completely gone. Just here on a new platform (but we still love Drake and Josh)!


9. Suite Life of Zack and Cody


Suite Life Of Zack And Cody


There were nothing but funny moments when watching this show. Everything that Zack and Cody did was just another way to wind up hotel manager Mr Moseby. From playing games indoors to running in the lobby, there was nothing that would put Mr Moseby at ease, other than the boys not being in the hotel at all. Sometimes when a show ends, fans are left wondering what happened to the rest of the cast or whether any of them at least keep in touch.


Phil Lewis who played Mr Mosbey reunited with the Sprouse twins this year, following his reunion with his co-star Debby Ryan, to film his guest appearance on Jessie. Cole Sprouse posted this photo on Twitter, with the caption, “you really have know idea how much @dylansprouse and I miss you”. Following this photo, Phil also posted a picture of a before and after photo of him and the twins, with the tweet, “I do miss these hooligans!


10. That’s So Raven


That's So Raven


That’s So Raven, it’s the future I can see. And the future of a reunion was always on the cards as fans of the show wanted this to happen more than anything. On chat show The View, Raven Symone brought everyone together for this heart-warming reunion. Orlando Brown who played Eddie and Anneliese Van der Pol who played Chelsea were of course there!


The popularity of That’s So Raven was down to the comedy factor and the real friendship amongst the cast. If seeing Eddie, Raven and Chelsea together again was not enough, the show had another surprise with the announcement of one more cast member. Kyle Massey, who played Raven’s brother Corey surprised the stars and brought a tear to our eye. The end of the show saw them all play a game of ‘That’s So Who?’



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