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1000Faces has already proven his musical talent with his previous single “Flower Boom”, and has reconfirmed it with his second one “French Flow”. Both are from his forthcoming project Ephemeral Feelings, dropping in January 2020. There are a lot of expectations for the it and it’s easy to perceive that it will be something difficult to find in today music scene.


Indeed, 1000faces is not just a young artist or a biography of 200 words, but something more. He tries so much to absorb all inspirations for himself, that a clear boundary which could define him seems hard to find. He hides behind different roles, such as producer, singer, composer and mixing engineer.


Even more inspiration is needed for him to paint his different personalities and ways to produce his music. In fact, his conception of art is about pure expression of all the flows that can be embraced to create something. He gives the music a myriad of possibilities for expansion through all the different facets it can turn out, which in most cases are more than “1000 faces”.


This song challenges the listener in following all the possible changes in rhythm and genre that one can experience with only one song, passing from afrobeats to hip hop, with drums trying to follow the rap voice that is also a background for the vocal performance that sings with a soft piano. It catches you unaware of what you are about to listen, through the ability to surprise you after each different note.


“French Flow” is about showing all the different layers that make the sound so smooth despite the wide variety of influences that hides behind them. 1000Faces seems to not get enough satisfaction from expressing his music only through one flow. In this song, he has utilised all the necessary flows to make it engaging enough. It could be the creation of a new genre.




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