’13 Reasons Why’ Renewed For Season 2 | TV News


Despite reviews ranging from terrible to fantastic, 13 Reasons Why must have been a hit for Netflix, as they’ve renewed the show for a second season. Despite the streaming service being infamous for not releasing actual data to the public in terms of how many people watched what, this is all the proof we need that the show was a huge success.


There will be a shake up behind the scenes for the second season however. Original showrunner Diana Son will be replaced by Tony and Pulitzer winner Brian Yorkey, who was already credited as creator, writer and producer in the first season anyway.


With season 1 focusing on Hannah, her decision to take her own life and the reverberations of that decision, the second season will pick up in the aftermath of Hannah’s death and chronicle “the characters’ complicated journeys toward healing and recovery.”


Despite the Jay Asher novel the series is based on not having a sequel, the author has mentioned in the past that he’d like to see a continuation of the story.


There’s no release date currently for season 2, though one would assume it would arrive sometime in 2018. A teaser trailer (below) was released on the shows official twitter, but it only contains shots from season 1. Much like the storyline in the show, it seems the second season will be clouded in mystery.




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