‘1917’ Screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns Returning To TV With Thriller Series | TV News


Krysty Wilson-Cairns just received a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination for 1917, and her star is officially on the rise. Thus it’s no surprise that she’s re-teaming with Neal Street Productions – the team behind 1917 – for a new TV series she’s had in the works.


Per THR, the show is being described as a “darkly comic thriller” currently titled Prophets. Wilson-Cairns and members of the Neal Street team have actually been working on the show for over a year now.


It wasn’t a given that the series would go into production before 1917. But now there’s a lot more hope, especially if the movie wins some Oscars.


There isn’t much more info on what Prophets is actually about. What is clear is that Wilson-Cairns’ relationship with Neal Street has been strong. She previously collaborated with them when she was a writer on Penny Dreadful. She also reportedly had two scripts in the works before 1917 that fell through. Pippa Harris, a founding member of Neal Street, had high praise for the screenwriter:


“I think she’s such a talent and is super smart. She’s one of those people who writes incredibly quickly and is very versatile. I know from having read her previous work on Penny Dreadful, but also these other scripts she’s written for us, that they’re all totally totally different. And so I think she’s got a massive career ahead of her and could do whatever she wanted”.


Wilson-Cairns’ focus isn’t solely on Prophets though. She co-wrote the script for Edgar Wright‘s Last Night In Soho, which hits cinemas later this year. She’s also working on an adaptation of The Good Nurse, a thriller with Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne attached. Now an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, expect to hear plenty more about her work in the near future.



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