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Remember the cult classic 1986 film, Labyrinth? It’s time for a blast to the past with a visit to the enchanted world of Sarah and Goblin King Jareth, with a reboot to the classic film!


In the original movie, a 15 year old actress hopeful named Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) wished away her baby brother. When Goblin King Jareth (played by David Bowie) actually stole away the baby, the teen embarks on a quest to find her way through the labyrinth of his kingdom to rescue her little brother.


The film, which was Muppets creator Jim Henson’s last feature film before his tragic death in 1990, was a box office failure, but has since gained a large cult following. The reboot will unite the Jim Henson Co. with TriStar Pictures.


TriStar has tasked Fede Alvarez with directing a film that isn’t quite a remake, but more of a spinoff than a sequel. Alvarez and Jay Basu will co-write the new story, while Lisa Henson and Nicole Brown will produce.


Labyrinth is one of the seminal movies from my childhood that made me fall in love with filmmaking. I couldn’t be more thrilled to expand on Jim Henson’s mesmerizing universe, and take a new generation of moviegoers back into the Labyrinth,” said Alvarez, confirming the project.


The project will officially come into production after Alvarez wraps up The Girl In The Spider’s Web, Sony’s reboot of the Lisbeth Salander saga that began with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.



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