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Music is an art-form which transcends all others. It spreads joy, inspiration, brings people together and can get people through hard times. In fact, it is not too different from charity. Maybe this is why musical charity projects are so fitting. The harmony between the two is perfect.


The latest project, being AMAL. Amal is the Arabic word for hope. This was the choice of name by Liquid & Mutant Ninja. This admirable piece of music compiles the work of 21 french beat makers who have been brought together to produce and charity album. 20syl was one of these generous producers and he just released the track “Inertia” on his Soundcloud to raise awareness. The track is one of many instrumental hip hop tracks on the album and I have to say, I was overcome with an uplifting sensation within me which certainly sparks the feeling of hope.


All sales revenue will be donated to an association called “A Syrian Dream” (asyriandream.com), who’s goal is to provide an education and psycho-social support center for the most vulnerable Syrian children that live in Antakya/Hatay. What a fantastic cause, and what a fantastic song to represent it.




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