20th Century Fox Loses First Round of Appeal Over ‘Glee’ Trademark | TV News



It has been seen as similar to David vs Goliath – the chain of UK comedy clubs against the giant that is 20th Century Fox, the makers of Glee. However, in the latest development of the court battle over the trademark of the word it is 20th century fox that has been left to lick its wounds after losing the first round of an appeal court battle against the ruling that the programme’s name must be changed.


The owner of the British comedy business won the court case after the high court ruled that the show infringed the chain’s trademark, appeals by both sides dismissed on Monday by Lord Justice Kitchin. A spokesman for 20th Century Fox television said:


“We note the court of appeal’s decision and welcome its consideration of the outstanding issues. We remain committed to proving the merits of our case and to delivering Glee to all of its fans in the UK.”


The court case continues.



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