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Despite 24 having originally ended in 2010, just like protagonist Jack Bauer, it will not die. Per The Wrap, Fox reportedly has a prequel series in the works that would focus on the origin story of Jack Bauer.


Longtime showrunner of the series Howard Gordon is on board, as are former co-creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran, and the trio are writing the origin story together, with no word currently on how soon the project will come to fruition.


24 was a popular show, so it’s no surprise that Fox would look at it as another profitable ratings-grabber if they brought it back in some form. In fact, they’ve already done that twice. Having run for 192 episodes over eight seasons from 2001 to 2010, the network revived the show in 2014 for a limited run of episodes titled 24: Live Another Day.


Then in 2017, they aired 24: Legacy, which featured actor Corey Hawkins taking over from longtime star Kiefer Sutherland in a different leading role. That show failed to catch on and was swiftly cancelled, yet even back then it was reported that Fox was scrambling to find other ways to keep the franchise on the air in some form. It’s a surprise it took them this long to come up with the prequel suggestion.


Other details are lacking, but expect to see 24 back on the air in one form or another within the next few years. As traditional TV networks struggle to keep up with the streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon, we will certainly see more revivals and prequels to previously popular shows like this in an attempt to reel back some lost viewers.



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