‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ Releases New Teasers Featuring Eva Green | Film News

‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ releases six new film clips


The creators of 300: Rise Of An Empire has released six new teaser clips to promote the upcoming film, with actor Eva Green, who is known for taking roles set in ancient times, taking the lead in these clips.


As the sequel to 2006’s 300, this film focuses on a Greek general called Themistocles who tries to unite Greece to fight against the invading Persian army, led by Xerxes a former mortal and Artemisia the army commander, played by Green.


In comparison to the first 300 movie, this one will take place mostly on the sea opposed to land. The film is directed by Noam Murro and is based on the graphic novel Xerxes which was written by Frank Miller. It will premiere in cinemas on Friday, March 7.




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