50 Cent – 9 Shots | Music Video


50 Cent looks to be making yet another comeback, amid all of his bankruptcy issues, and has just premiered a new video. The video starts with a scene which shows 50 robbing Tony Yayo at gun point, because he ironically needs the money, things soon turn ugly and the scene ends. Cut to the main body of the video and the start of the song, set in what looks to be the present day and everything seems to be just your average hip hop video.


50 Cent can be heard rapping about looking back on the story we have all heard before, about being shot nine times on top of an average but classic 50 cent Hip Hop beat. Towards the end of the video and the track, the story unfolds and lets just say the story does not end well for 50. If you want to know about the video, give it a watch below.




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