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With the kinky 50 Shades of Grey movie raking in a whopping $300 million worldwide in it’s first week of release, you’d think it would have been instant for the sequel, 50 Shades Darker, to have gotten the green light. Well, it appears not, as Universal Pictures has yet to release an official yes for the next lot of bondage fun. Why could this be?


Well, according to Variety, it could have something to do with author E.L. James is demanding to be given script writing duties, despite having no previous experience with screen writing. There has already been rumours that James has stirred up a little trouble with director Sam Taylor Johnson over ‘creative differences’ so I’m not overly surprised that James wants more creative control. While its yet to be confirmed as to whether Johnson will be back to direct, it seems as if script writer Kelly Marcel wont be back either.


While I don’t exactly trust James’ writing capabilities to tackle a full script, not having Marcel back can only be a good thing. The script for 50 Shades was by far the worst thing about the movie, it was complete drivel. Still, having just read snippets of the book, I can’t exactly vouch for James writing capabilities either, perhaps she should just stick to the dirty stuff and leave the story telling to somebody who actually knows what they’re doing.


Regardless of how poor I thought the film was, there’s no doubt that it’s huge, devoted fan following are thirsty for its sequels and Universal would be stupid not to cash in on that. However, all this script/directer/writer beef is just going to pro-long the production, likely pushing pre-production back to 2016 or even 2017. Either way, I’m perfectly ok with not having anymore 50 Shades for the time being.



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