50 Years On: Dustin Hoffman Celebrates Transformation From Struggling Actor To Movie Icon | Film News



In 1966 struggling actor Dustin Hoffman featured in an interview in which he was asked about his trials and tribulations as an actor whilst living in New York City. Since this landmark event occurred 50 years have passed and Dustin Hoffman is now one of the most decorative movie actors in recent motion picture history with a highly accomplished body of work ranging from a variety of different genres.


Hoffman, in the past 50 years, has received a long list of awards and nominations including 2 Academy Award wins for Kramer vs Kramer and Rain Man. The additional accolades that Hoffman has also achieved are the following 7 Academy Award wins, 13 Golden Globe nominations, 6 Golden Globe awards, the Cecil DeMille Lifetime Achievement award, 4 BAFTAs, 3 Drama Desk awards, an Emmy award, the AFI Lifetime achievement award and the 2012 Kennedy Centre Honouree.


The size and measure of Dustin Hoffman success on screen is a complete and utter contrast with the Hollywood star origins back in the early 1960s and still epitomises how perseverance and ambition can eventually lead to reward. Dustin Hoffman may no longer be the box office attraction he once was in the past with his 79th birthday this year but his acting career still remains a cinematic milestone that all young aspiring actors should continue to reflect on.



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