70 New ‘Rick And Morty’ Episodes Ordered | TV News


Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have made a lot of fans very happy, as the Rick And Morty creators announced via Instagram that they’ve signed a new long term deal with Adult Swim. That new deal includes the huge news that 70 new episodes of the critically acclaimed animated series have been ordered.


Although ordering 70 new episodes is an unusual move, really this was a no-brainer decision for Adult Swim, who have seen Rick And Morty catapult into being the #1 comedy across all of television in 2017, beating big names such as The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family in coveted millennial viewership.


It’s morphed into a massive cultural hit and has also branched out into gaming, retail and and fan experiences, too.


For those that haven’t watched the show, it follows Rick, a sociopathic genius scientist, and Morty, his neurotic grandson, in their increasingly dangerous adventures across the universe, while retaining a strong emotional core.


Roiland confirmed the news on Twitter:



If these new episodes are released in line with the show’s previous schedule, that could mean we’re looking at close to a decade more of Rick And Morty, which is great news for fans, and should tide them over during the inevitable year-long waits between seasons.



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