90’s Fashion Takes Over London Fashion Week | Fashion News


The 90s has been prominent through many designs and styles put forth onto the pristine runways of London Fashion Week and it seems Burberry are back with more trends to take over Fall. Now they have reintroduced their flap caps back with the autumn style for men, as well as women. Fashion week saw them bring back their iconic pattern of beige on coats, hats and scarves now they’re fitting to the 90s craze and welcoming the caps into their collection.




The caps are ideal for Autumn as they provide just enough warmth for the crisp mornings and the breeze that stays as a reminder that the hot months are a thing of the past. They give any outfit a more sophisticated twist and will give you the chic edge to something quite simplistic. The item is for both men and women and is set to be in quite a few collections over the upcoming months.





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