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Cardi B – Press | New Music


After the announcement of Wednesday about her new single, Cardi B dropped the new record on Friday as she announced, and “Press” is out now on all digital platforms. The song is a banger but it’s the lyrics that sparks attention.


Cardi don’t need more press“, she raps with heavy shooter game sound. “Kill ’em all / Put them hoes to rest / Walk in, bulletproof vest / Please tell me who she gon’ check / Murder scene, Cardi made a mess“.


On “Press”, the rapper seems to be taking shots at the media and her critics, she also suggests how she feels pressured by the media and her fans to be someone that she is not, and how the media love to criticise her. She also addresses all the drama that the rapper is currently involved in, before asserting that she isn’t bothered by others who judge her — she will deal with them on her own terms.


She first previewed the song on social media on Wednesday, with a photo of a handcuffed Aileen Wuornos, the former sex worker-turned-vigilante serial killer.


Cardi chased it with a photo of herself in the same cuffed pose, gritting her teeth from inside a courtroom. The final teaser revealed her, stripped naked (with censor bars) and flanked by paparazzi outside the courtroom. Though she dropped Invasion of Privacy in 2018, she continues to struggle with overexposure in the media.



Check out the track below.




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