A Cappella Band Pentatonix To Join Cast of ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ | Music News


There is no doubt that Pitch Perfect was one of the smash-hit films of 2012. There is also no doubt that Pentatonix, winners of NBC’s third season of The Sing Off and YouTube extraordinaires, are the most popular a cappella band in recent history, with their video “Evolution of Music” having gone viral and earning them a large YouTube audience.


So what better people to include in the cast of a hit a cappella movie than one of the world’s most popular a cappella bands? Well, Pentatonix have now revealed that they will be added to the cast of the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2, set for release in 2015. The band has revealed that they will be playing a group rivaling the film’s protagonists, The Barden Bellas.


The band has also made it explicit that they will not be playing themselves in the movie as band member Scott Hoying has said “who we’re portraying is definitely not Pentatonix”. Although they will not be getting any dialogue, they will be getting lots of screen time, so Pentatonix fans can rest assured that they will be occupying a decent chunk of the movie’s storyline. If you liked the first Pitch Perfect, you’ll love its upcoming sequel.



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