A Documentary On Young Whitney Houston Is Currently In Production

A documentary on the iconic American singer Whitney Houston is reportedly in production. It will focus on the singer’s youth, long before her success.

Entitled Whitney Houston In Focus, the documentary, directed by Benjamin Alfonsi, is said to be based on the forthcoming book Young Whitney by photographer Bette Marshall, who met Whitney at 18, long before she became a sensation. Actress, singer and Emmy, Grammy and six Tony Award winner Audra McDonald will narrate the documentary.

The latter describes Whitney Houston as “an artist I worshipped from the moment I first heard her sing. Her voice was simply miraculous and her artistry was perfection,” before adding that “we all witnessed her superstardom, and I’m honoured to help tell this part of Whitney’s story, before it all began”.

Writer and photographer Bette Marshall will also be featured in the documentary. Her intimate knowledge of the superstar’s life has allowed Benjamin Alfonsi to recreate this “cinematic photo story of a photographer and her young muse”. In this documentary you will find unpublished photos of the youth during “early auditions and recording sessions, and even to church”.

The book is scheduled for release in February 2022, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the singer’s death on 11 February 2022. The release date of Whitney Houston In Focus remains unknown for the moment.


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