A New ‘Flintstones’ Animated Series In The Works From Elizabeth Banks’ Production Company | TV News


Everything old is new again, and remakes/reboots are all the rage. Thus it’s little surprise to hear that The Flintstones are returning to TV. Variety reports that a new Flintstones animated series has been greenlit, with Elizabeth Banks‘ Brownstone Productions joining forces with Warner Bros. Animation on the project.


The new adaptation is described as “a primetime animated adult comedy series based on an original idea featuring characters from The Flintstones. So it’s possible this isn’t a direct Flintstones reboot, especially with the show being described as “adult”. Obviously WB thinks that an updated version of Bedrock’s favourite family needs some added spice to work in contemporary times.


If they’re looking for inspiration, Collider points out that a recent run of Flintstones comics by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh have infused the Flintstones, the Rubbles and the town of Bedrock with some postmodern angst and sharp political commentary.


The Flintstones originally premiered in 1960. The show ran for six seasons, ending its run with over 150 episodes to its name. It became a classic that influenced pretty much every family-driven cartoon that proceeded it. A live-action Flintstones movie arrived in 1994, before a dreadful prequel followed in 2000.


There have been numerous attempts to create a modern Flintstones adaptation in recent times. Seth McFarlane‘s was the most high-profile, and at one point looked like it would get made, before eventually falling through. We’ll wait and see whether this one works out.



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