Jim Starlin Suggests A Possibility Of Extra Thanos Footage | Film News


Jim Starlin, the Marvel comic artist who played an essential role in creating Thanos, may have hinted that there could be a possible release of extra footage on Thanos that did not make the final cut. During a panel in Las Vegas for Comic Con, Starlin revealed that whilst editing the film, a lot of Thanos’s backstory was deleted. In total, almost 30 minutes of Thanos related scenes are still unwatched by fans.


The extension of Thanos’s backstory could be featuring as a DVD special, and as Marvel fans we hope that this is made official by Marvel themselves! With a more detailed back story of Thanos, fans could possibly be seeing a more tragic villain. Perhaps giving fans a further understanding of Thanos’s cold actions in Avengers: Infinity War. Whatever the footage holds, fans will gladly watch!



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