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While the Star Wars saga flares welcomes the next generation with open arms, its further expansion has certainly induced excitement among new and older-dedicated fans. Following the release of The Force Awakens, the identity of main character Rey is left in a shroud of mystery that has spawned various theories about her heritage.


However it appears a supposed leak has put many of those theories to rest, and adds a unique flavour to the continuation of its story. According to Star Wars fan Stormtrooper Larry, the next chapter will introduce not only the origins of the character, but the beginnings of the Jedi order itself.


According to the leak he posted on his official site, Rey is not actually related to Luke as many had thought. Instead it goes back many years before the Sith/Jedi war, and introduces a beginning of biblical proportions. The origins of the force begins with a mystical tree that imbued its power upon two siblings (a boy and a girl), an event that leads to the supposed death of the girl at the hands of her brother.


She however survives this ordeal and begins the Jedi Order, while the brother becomes the Sith progenitor. This also explains where the concept of ‘The One’ comes from, a figure who has long been believed to be a reincarnation of the girl and thus would bring balance to the force. Many in the story had thought that Anakin was the one, only find out that he was none other than the reincarnation of the brother itself.


So in conclusion Rey is most likely the ‘One’ they have been looking for after all this time, which is certainly something that’s not so surprising but very intriguing indeed. However it feels as though the story is beginning to drift away from its familial roots that George Lucas had initially developed, which is not necessarily a bad thing as Disney seeks to expands its story for a new generation.


The next part of the Star Wars saga will take the form of Rogue One coming this Holiday 2016, whilst Episode 8 is expected to release sometime during 2017.



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