A Third ‘Father Of The Bride’ Film Might Happen | Film News

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A Third ‘Father Of The Bride’ Film Might Happen | Film News


Has anyone asked for a third Father Of The Bride film? Although the first film was a box office smash in 1991 and a less successful sequel arrived in 1995, it’s hard to imagine anyone clamouring for a third instalment over twenty years later. Well, George Newbern, who appeared in the films in the 90s, says that writer/director Charles Shyer has completed a script for a third film.


Newbern told Us Weekly: Charles Shyer wrote a script. I know there’s a script out there. And there’s talk. I don’t know how far it got but I’m sure most of the cast would be into it if the script was right. So maybe that’s just a question of that happening”.


Father Of The Bride became a smash initially off the performances of Steve Martin and Diane Keaton and its cozy, relatable humour, and it’s a very quintessentially 90s franchise, which is why it’s hard to see a third film generating much interest all these years. And that’s even before knowing if Martin, Keaton and co. would be willing to return to the franchise.


However, since we’re in the age of Hollywood loving to greenlight projects with built-in audiences, this is far from a long shot from happening. Over the last few years we were ‘treated’ to sequels of classic comedies such as Dumb And Dumber and Zoolander from similar time periods, so it’s not out of the question Father Of The Bride Part 3 will be hitting cinemas in a few years.



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