A24 Acquires Horror Script ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ | Film News

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A24 Acquires Horror Script ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ | Film News


A24 has acquired the horror script Bodies Bodies Bodies, written by Kristen Ropuenian, author of the popular New Yorker fiction story Cat Person. Upon being published in December, Cat Person quickly became a viral hit and was the most read fiction story the New Yorker published in 2017.


Cat Person was the story of a female college student who enters into a relationship with an older man which doesn’t go well at all. Bodies Bodies Bodies is Ropuenian’s first foray into screenwriting, and is another subversion of the horror genre, set to mix together “elements of shrewd character study, mystery and deep-seeded scares”.


This is A24’s first spec purchase, and they’re fast tracking it into production. Considering their massive success in their relatively brief existence – giving us films such as Under The Skin, Ex Machina, The Witch and Lady Bird – this should be seen as a big deal and a new project for us to all be excited for.


Ropuenian has also inked a seven figure deal with Scout Press for her next collection of stories. If Bodies Bodies Bodies turns out to be as fresh and innovative as Cat Person, then A24 has just gotten a steal and a new, exciting voice is about to emerge in the filmmaking industry.



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