A24 Releases Mysterious Teaser For Unknown Project | Film Trailer



A24, since being founded in 2012, have been one of the go-to production companies for cinephiles in search of indie magic. Over the last few years they’ve released such critically acclaimed hits as The Witch, American Honey, Green Room, The End Of The Tour, Ex Machina and, most recently, Moonlight.


With that kind of track record, it’s fair to be excited for anything A24 gets its hands on. But what they released yesterday raised eyebrows in other ways, too.


The company posted a video on their YouTube channel simply titled Untitled, and what followed was an eerie, enigmatic trailer urging us to “change identity”, “question life” and “live beyond”. There was no title revealed at the end, and no release date. The description simply states “in our near future”.


A24 are hardly the first to use this kind of mystery in an advertising campaign, in fact the infamous trailer for Cloverfield – first seen in cinemas with footage of unknown destruction and simply a URL posted at the end – is now almost a decade old, and there are similar instances of artists, like Beyoncé, eschewing a typical marketing campaign and releasing their work to the public without word.


Still, it’s always extra intriguing when a layer of mystery surrounds something. The brief glimpses of footage we get in the trailer combined with the forbidding prompts trigger Black Mirror vibes, while the ominous hum in the background reminds us of the soundtrack to another A24 release, Under The Skin.


The world is waiting for more information, and expectations will be high after such a promising introduction.




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