A24 Secures Rights For Claire Denis’ ‘The Stars At Noon’ Starring Robert Pattinson | Film News


A24 has secured the North American rights to one of the hottest indies that was about to enter the European Film Market. French auteur Claire Denis made her first English-language film two years ago with the beguiling and atmospheric sci-fi High Life, which A24 snapped up, and they’ve done so again for her latest film, The Stars At Noon.


Just like High Life, this stars Robert Pattinson, although this film is a mix of a love story and thriller that also stars Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘s Margaret Qualley.


Set in 1984 during the Nicaraguan Revolution, the film “follows a mysterious English businessman and headstrong American journalist who strike up a passionate romance. They soon become embroiled in a dangerous labyrinth of lies and conspiracies and are forced to try and escape the country, with only each other to trust and rely on”.


The film is based on Denis Johnson‘s 1986 novel, and director Denis is adapting the novel with Lea Mysius and Andrew Litvack. Denis has always been an empathetic filmmaker who often focuses on injustices and politics, such as in her films White Material and Beau Travail. This sounds like prime territory for her.


Johnson’s excellent novel Jesus’ Son was adapted into a surprisingly equally excellent film in 1999. If this adaptation of his work can match that – and with Denis at the helm, there’s no reason it shouldn’t – then this will likely become one of the most talked about indies over the next year or so.


Pattinson is, of course, currently working on Matt ReevesThe Batman. Qualley will next be seen in Scott Cooper‘s anticipated adaptation of Paul Tremblay‘s novel, A Head Full Of Ghosts.



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