AAGAARD Releases ‘Don’t Take Me Home’ Featuring Jess Maddox And Nica Rae | Music News


With a style compared to the likes of Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei, the new single from producer-singer AAGAARD is released today and we’re streaming it as a first play for you now.


The Danish newcomer has definitely come up with something special on ‘Don’t Take Me Home’, as he perfectly asserts a lush pop sound that integrates the best elements of electro-soul and alt-pop.


Little is known about the elusive producer but his debut release showcases an impressive style that can appeal to both dance lovers and an indie audience. The track layers jazz, electronic, disco and R&B undertones, all the while weaving varying levels of energy throughout, press play on this one below!


AAGAARD also flexes his singing skills on ‘Don’t Take Me Home’, teaming up with featuring vocalists Jess Maddox and Nica Rae. In particular, the sultry vocals and introspective lyrical narrative of Jess Maddox is an inspired addition.


Outlining the motivations to the track, Maddox states that it was inspired by “the sense of freedom I experience driving through the mountains of my hometown in the US, and ultimately it’s about the individual coping mechanisms we each have in times of stress.”


Interestingly, AAGAARD and Maddox met randomly in a Copenhagen supermarket and, after bonding over a love for music, soon created a string of tracks over a few short weeks. ‘Don’t Take Me Home’ is the first taste of AAGAARD’s forthcoming EP, expected to arrive in late 2020.




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