Aaron Eckhart To Star In Vietnam Thriller ‘Ambush’ | Film News


Aaron Eckhart seems to have a thing for war right now. He just starred in the Roland Emmerich WWII action film Midway, and now he’s shifting to the Vietnam war for his next project. He will star in Ambush, an action-thriller based on the true story of a deadly high-stakes subterranean mission into enemy controlled territory.


Eckhart will play Captain Drummond, the leader of a group of young commandos tasked with collecting highly classified information that can possibly change the fate of the war. However, the team is attacked by the invisible force of the enemy army.


Drummond’s young team must overcome their apprehension in order to pursue the force into the complex labyrinth of Cu Chi tunnels, with enemy soldiers and traps at every turn.


Mark Earl Burman is writing and directing the project. Eckhart perhaps never found the success many predicted after his Golden Globe-nominated performance in Thank You For Smoking and his role as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. But he’s still a consummate pro who usually brings a level of gravitas to anything he’s in.


Principal photography on Ambush will begin in January.



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