ABC Picks up Nicki Minaj Sitcom | TV News



Following in the steps of Chris Rock, whose TV show Everybody Hates Chris, was based on his childhood, Nicki Minaj is now the executive producer of a show with the same premise. Based on her family’s move from Trinidad to New York in the early nineties, the show will depict Nicki’s gradual rise to glorified fame.


Untitled for now, the sitcom will be available on ABC Family, as 30-minute episodes. Kate Angelo, of Will and Grace is down to pen and executive produce the series alongside Nicki Minaj, who will also be appearing in the show as either a character or herself (or any of her other alter egos). With the success of Minaj’s Pink Print album earlier this year, and of course, both iconic Beyonce collaborations, it seems that Nicki is definitely expanding her horizons. Forget the VMAs, she may as well be on her way to the Emmys. That’s definitely one way to show Miley what’s good.



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