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Absofacto is the solo project of producer/songwriter Jonathan Visger. The Michigan-based artist has been quiet since the release of his last EP Loners in June 2013 – except for being busy working with Hollow & Akimbo. Now, Visger is back with a new release titled “History Books”.


Visger states that “History Books is a confused, neurotic song in some ways, but I think that’s part of why it really captures how I’ve been feeling. It’s fanciful but honest, a little sad but still having fun, hopelessly lost but enjoying the adventure anyway, indignant but good-natured… and in the end, it’s far from perfect. And that’s something I can accept, and even love”.


The song is a journey through Visger’s feelings, an insight into the conflicting emotions that embrace the artist’s mind. The track has a slight tendency towards experimental disorder, but the melodies manage to find balance among their own entropy. Visger resolved to take the step after a long time, and the resulting piece was worth the while. Get the single on his Bandcamp page, and stream it in full below.




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