Ace Hood – Carried Away | Music Video

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Ace Hood – Carried Away | Music Video

Ace Hood 06.03.2016ANDREW


After delivering his latest single, “X-Change”, a reworking of Bryson Tiller’s single “Exchange”, Ace Hood returns with “Carried Away”, as heard on his Starvation 4 mixtape. The track tinkles with what seems ballroom dance piano before flipping into bottomless bass, and from thereon the rapper brags about his monetary and sexual prowess. His flow can change up quite expertly, but those moments are brief.


The visuals take place in a club, complete with a touch of breakdancing, and women in stripper cages. There’s a brief and interesting intermission, where the sound and visuals get disjointed, like someone, drunk or whatever, trying to pull themselves together and sober up. After that, service resumes as normal.




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