Action Bronson – Actin Crazy | New Music


Gearing up for the March release of his major label debut, rapper and chef Action Bronson has dropped his new single, “Actin Crazy”. Produced by Drake’s day-one music collaborator Noah ‘40’ Shebib and Omen, the mellow beat features a warped sample from Gramatik’s “Adriatic Summers”, along with hypnotic, clacking drums.


Bronson maintains his humours style with lyrics about speaking “6 languages in 3 voices,” dancing salsa so well that you’d think he was Puerto Rican, and of course his love for eating oysters. Despite criticism for sounding similar to Ghostface Killah, Bronson’s own extravagant personalty shines strong through his music, something which could never be imitated. The Queens, NY rapper proves that he may one of the leaders for the sound of the city that has arguably lost its unique edge in rap music today. Stream the track below.




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