Action Horror Film ‘Afflicted’ Goes Stunt Crazy In New Featurette | Film Trailers

‘Afflicted’ broadcasts new featurette Trailer online


The new featurette trailer for action horror film Afflicted takes a different approach to the usual action films. In the trailer, a stunt man for one of the leading characters can be seen jumping out of a 20-feet high window. The stunt man has a camera attached to his chest to film all the action as he is running from the bad guys.


Duo Derek Lee and Clif Prowse wrote, direct and star in the film. Best friends, they go on holiday together to experience the world but Lee is struck down with a mysterious disease that spreads across his body. They must find a cure, while trying to get home, their video camera is their only form of evidence showing what they experienced. Afflicted is currently on release in limited US cinemas with no UK date yet confirmed.




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