Adam French – Slow Dancing | Music Video


Following the release of his debut album back in March, singer/songwriter Adam French returns with the first taste of new music with the gorgeous “Slow Dancing” – a stunning insight into the next chapter from an artist who prides himself in being fully involved in the creative process – not just in making the music.


“Slow Dancing” is a delicate, stripped-back gem. Breaking into a rousing chorus, it’s an effervescent wave that belies the fraught and thoughtful lyricism that Adam has made his calling card.


With an amazing visual piece to match, French channels the sentiments conveyed through the track in greater detail. Staring face to face with a wax impression of himself, he sets it alight and it melts away. The crux of the narrative, it serves as a cathartic release of sorts and a powerful symbol of a clean slate.


Speaking further on his visual efforts, Adam shared: “The video is a visual representation of second chances, via self-sabotage getting in the way of your own happiness for a bit. – I’m sure it’s something a lot of people can relate to. Moulding my face for the candle was particularly unpleasant but worth all 80 minutes of submersion with our incredible sculptors.”



Adam’s new release looks set to further cement his continuing emergence into public consciousness as a surefire one to watch – get ready to hear a lot more from the rising star in 2019.



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