Adam French – Wanna Be Here | Music Video


Following two previous EP releases – which put hims on the radars of a diverse number of icons, from Dua Lipa to Tony Hawk – multi-instrumentalist Adam French churns out his first release from his debut album, scheduled for 2019 in “Wanna Be Here”.


Adam’s art is all about drawing from depth and honesty and with this new release he succeeds at just that, effortlessly blending powerful, emotive lyrics with the natural musicianship of a true artist.


Providing us with accompanying visuals that really elevate the message, the Savvas Stavrou-directed piece helps challenge our perceptions on love, as it is portraying in such a striking way that you don’t get to see everyday, highlighting that happiness isn’t a just a mathematical equation.


Speaking on the track, Adam states: “‘Wanna Be Here’ is a song about the difference between happiness and comfort. As people we often mistake a comfortable habitat for love and settle for the now. It’s important to share life with somebody that makes you happy and brings out the best in you… and it’s never too late to cut loose from those who don’t.”



Having spent the past 18 months on tour, playing with some of the most exciting talent in the country and honing his sound in the studio. Adam’s forthcoming release is one that should continue the intrigue around this thrilling, emerging young artist.



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